I know you’ve all experienced one of these at least once in your life!

The Time Pass Man loves nothing more than to pass his time.

He will do this in any way possible, and before you start feeling all smug and special, he will disappear, but don’t worry, he’ll be back once he’s bored. After a few weeks in his life, you will feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster, and you’re probably not the only one on the ride, so wipe that smug face off.

He targets his prey by initially making lots of effort and leaving you with a good impression. Soon enough, you’re meeting up, and before you know it, you’re hooked. You look forward to seeing him again (except you don’t hear from him until the next weekend or Friday night, if you’re lucky…. or unlucky, in this case). He will make zero effort all week, and then when the weekend comes, and he realises he’s alone and bored, he will be sure to give you a call.

After a while, you realise that this is turning into a pattern, and he only ever calls you when it’s the weekend and he has nothing else going on. The whole logic behind his sad existence is that he calls upon you during his dry days, just to pass some time.

I recently met one of these (not-so-endangered) species.

Everything started off great. We had a date, it went well, and we agreed to meet again, either during the week or on the weekend. The week came and went, and I’d heard nothing from him all week, and then suddenly, out of the blue, he texted me late at night on Friday, asking if I wanted to meet anytime during the weekend.

To be honest, I was quite interested, so I put it down to him being busy and agreed to meet. I suggested Saturday, and he said “No”!  Apparently, he was already busy that day with friends, so I suggested Sunday morning instead. No again. Apparently, that didn’t suit him either. “Okay, so how about Sunday afternoon?” I asked. Nope again! Sunday afternoon, he had other plans, but he could fit me in on Sunday evening, although that didn’t really work for me, as I had early morning meetings on Monday and wanted an early night. I still agreed, so that I could come across as accommodating, and like I had the whole work-life balance thing going on.

He did this a few more times to me. He would only call when he wasn’t too busy to make the effort, and any days I would suggest meeting up would be quickly cut off with excuses of how busy he was or that he couldn’t fit me in that day as he had other plans… blah blah blah. Well, so did I, but I still managed to put the effort in and be a bit accommodating.

So, another Sunday came, and we finally met up again. We actually had a great time, and before I knew it, I was looking forward to the next meet-up, except the same thing happened again the week after.

The week came and went with nothing from him, not even a “hello” via text message. Then came Friday, and surprise, surprise, he suddenly reappeared with a text message saying, “I’ve not got anything to do tomorrow, if you fancy meeting?”

I texted him and said “No, that doesn’t work for me”, to which he replied, “Well, it’s either that or nothing, as it’s the only time I’ve got nothing else on.” Yes, girls, he actually used those words. So, guess what my reply was? “No… get lost!”