In the early days of getting to know someone, it's usually the time when you're having fun, being a bit silly, and just enjoying the moment. Laughing at silly jokes and acting like a complete child is sometimes just what you need.

However, soon enough, you want to start having more serious conversations, and looking into whether or not you have the same immediate and long-term views.

And that's when the penny drops!

You realise that you were just being silly and playful, but he was just being him. You realise that he's not a high energy kind of guy, he's just had too many Smarties.

He's childish all the time. His views on life and his general approach is that of a high school student. In fact, you wonder whether a high school student knows more than him.

He doesn't know much about anything. You can't talk to him about politics, history, culture, or anything at all, because he just doesn't know, nor is he in the least bit interested.

He's happy to just talk about trainers and his mates, and useless topics like how his friend had a fight, or how fast he was driving in his car the other day.

He won't ever be serious, and conversations with him are always very tedious, immature, and basic. He's often very petty, and maybe even a bit gossipy. Now that you think about it, he even dresses like he's still in high school! Why didn't you notice these things before?

So, if you want a fully-grown child before you’re even married, then he's the guy for you, but if, like me, you'd like a real man, then run out of the school gates as fast as you can!