So, the “Chase Me Man” does what it says on the tin. He likes women to chase him!

He will only put in the effort if you do first. He likes his ego stroked on a regular basis and is usually very insecure on the inside. Upon speaking to him, you may start picking up pieces of this personality trait, but it will only be revealed slowly and painfully.

This man loves to be chased, and doesn’t like to do the chasing, so if you like that kind of thing, then he may be the perfect man for you, but beware of his insecurities. He will come across as very confident at first, to create a false illusion of who actually is, but the truth is that he probably hates himself and gets a kick out of feeling wanted.

On an average day (and perhaps even after your first meeting), the Chase Me Man will probably be sitting (in his rocking chair – to make it sound more sinister) and monitoring his phone, waiting for you to call, but will put zero effort in himself. When you do eventually talk, he may even comment somewhere in the conversation that you should call him, as he’s usually very busy, or that he feels women should put in the initial effort to show interest.

This is all part of his ego-stroking ritual. He may even give in and call you himself once in a while (because we all know he’s not really as busy as he says he is) and then spend the entire conversation commenting on why you didn’t call, or that he shouldn’t have to call you. My answer usually is, “Why didn’t you call?” and “Yes, you should have to call just as much as I do.” (By now, the conversation is usually very unproductive and, frankly, quite petty.)

I recently met a Chase Me Man. We spent weeks getting to know each other, and each time it would always be me initiating the contact. I finally realised that not only was he insecure, but he spent endless hours talking about what he expects from a woman, how his Mum chased his Dad, how the women in his family know when to keep quiet and give in to the men in their lives, and how he expects effort to be put into him, as that’s how women show there “wifey” (yes, wifey, and he said it the way it’s said in the song by Next) material. I should have just bailed once I heard the word wifey, but I didn’t want to be too judgmental. The list went on for a bit, with various reasons as to why I should put in an effort, and the worst thing about it all was that I had been putting in a lot of effort already.

So, the Chase Me Man decided that, after our meet-up, he wouldn’t call me. So, I called him instead, as I’m not into games. I asked if he was okay and what he’d been up to (keeping it casual), and he then replied with an abrupt, “I was waiting for you to call me. It’s a bit rude you’re calling now that it’s the next day. You need to put the effort in, you know.” I was a little surprised but agreed that I would try. However, weeks passed again, and again, I fell back into the routine of making all the effort with zero effort made in return.

Despite all the effort I’d put into it, I told him that a relationship needs to be a two-way thing, so I didn’t think this was going to work. He didn’t take it very well at all, so I just stopped putting the effort in.

I’m sure he’s still out there (on his rocking chair) waiting for me to call, thinking, “She’ll be back...Oh Yes ..they always come back” ….(very dark indeed).