I’m no believer in Valentines day and never have been but it seems to be so relevant for some people that I simply had to write something about the “dreaded by single people” day.

As a singleton, I secretly enjoy being single on Valentines day and if like me, you too are single then there are so many things you could be doing with your time on this overly commercialised day.

So why is it great to be single during Valentines day?

Well because you can pretty much do what you want! There is no pressure to traipse around overly crowded shops looking for the perfect present (or the present that will beat last years present). You don’t need to feel the pressure of looking good and having to organise a romantic evening with all its high expectations or spend the evening out with a room full of corny couples all shoved into restaurants with endless queues.

If you are single, there is so much you can do by yourself instead. Here are just a few ideas:


Make your own valentines’ day and go out on a shopping spree. Buy yourself something special and spend the money you would have potentially spent on your partner on yourself instead. buy yourself a valentine present (one you actually like).

Mingle with other Singles

Some dating sites host singles nights and if you don’t fancy going to one then host one yourself. Invite your single friends around or meet up somewhere nice and ,take a singles night of it. Who knows, you may just end up playing match maker or meeting someone yourself?

Go on a date

If you really feel the need to be in the company of the opposite sex in a romantic kind of setting, then why not go out on a date? (though you should really be ready for the hoard of couples that and book in advance as it gets very busy everywhere). Get a fried to fix you up or arrange a date which conveniently falls on valentine’s day (no pressure).  

Meet Friends and laugh

Catch up with friends you haven’t had time to catch up with. Spend the evening with friends doing things that make you all happy. You could slap on a face mask, order a take away and share your worst dating stories (and thank your lucky stars you are single and happy rather than being stuck with that miserable ex of yours). And if you fancy going out then you could have a night out with your friends at the movies, a comedy night, bowling or anywhere else the night takes you.

Give back 

Volunteer for a good cause or help a family member, neighbour or friend with a good deed. You could even volunteer to baby sit for your family / friends so they can have a couples night out for once and if you end up baby sitting your nieces or nephew, this is at the perfect way to spend some quality time with them watching beauty and the beast (tear drop).

Give a little love to cheer up a fellow singleton ?  Some people take being alone on valentine’s day a lot harder than others and really feel the loneliness. Maybe you know someone who could do with some extra support on valentine’s day? Why not send them a nice gift or arrange a visit to  spend some time with them so they don’t feel alone.


Whether you are Netflix and chilling at home by yourself (you know what I mean), reading a good book, listening to relaxing wale sounds (if that’s what you like) or soaking in the bath tub with natural scented oils. Whatever it is that chills you out, give yourself a bit of TLC and don’t forget to relax.

Why not book yourself in for a massage or treat yourself to a spa day (or a weekend)? You have no pressure to do anything but please yourself on this day. You are free and single so this should be the day you give some extra attention to yourself for once. Treat yourself to a new hairstyle or any other beauty treatment that makes you feel happy and rejuvenated. It is the perfect day to reflect and relax.

Explore and Learn

If your feeling a bit more energised and adventurous then why not go on a solo break? Book yourself onto a little mini break away to re-energise yourself and maybe meet new people. If you’re not feeling as adventurous as travelling away then you could stay local and go to a museum, gallery, exhibition or any other site of interest and enjoy spending time exploring and learning. 

Take the day to follow another passion or learn a new skill such as signing yourself up for language lessons, learn coding, attend a cooking class or anything else that you’ve been meaning to learn or brush up on.

Get Healthy 

Work out and get healthy. Weather it’s a day at the gym, with your personal trainer, swimming, running, power walking or any other activity you enjoy. Spend the day getting fit and focusing on your health. Invent a new smoothie or sign up to that pilates class you always wanted to go to. Start the day healthy and end the day healthy, it may just be the start of a new healthier you?

Enjoy your own company

Go out and eat alone, go to the cinema alone, have a more marathon alone, almost any of the above ideas can be done alone too. Go out and make other couples feel uncomfortable by staring at them whilst you eat alone. Enjoy your own company no mater what you choose to do alone. And if you want to really take it to the next level, sit somewhere and simply people watch.

This is the perfect opportunity to generally have some me time and perhaps do things you couldn’t do when you weren’t single – especial things that irritated an ex or that your ex didn’t want to try.

Do nothing but sit in your own single glory. Maybe you could buy a meal or desserts for two and eat them all by yourself ? (kind of contradicts the “be healthy” point but hey). Do whatever makes you happy today! Don’t let the valentine’s blues get to you, have fun and relax.