"She's so pretty!" "Oh, wow, that girl is really pretty!" "This girl I work with is so pretty!" "My neighbour’s wife is so pretty!" "This girl on TV is so pretty!" "Did I tell you about that pretty girl at my gym?" “Wow there are so many pretty women on Instagram and snapchat and TikTok” and I think they all fancy me.

These are the types of things you will hear this kind of guy say on a regular basis. He says such things so often and notices “pretty women” so much that you would think he's a model scout or James Bond.

At first, it's cool, because he's human, and you don't want to come across as insecure, so you just agree or nod politely .. “yeah she’s pretty” (even when you don't agree), but then it just becomes annoying, plain and simple! Just annoying because it’s constant and for once you’d like for him to notice you too and you’re sick of hearing how every women he comes in contact with hit on him.

This guy will comment on every woman's looks. He won't even leave your family members out, and that's when he's crosses the line! You won't be able to go shopping with him without him commenting on hundreds of women. From the women behind the till to waitress that serves you during lunch, everyone will be pretty, will have a great body and must work out” (judgingly looking at you) ”. And they all seem to give him the impression in his mind that they were flirting with him. Every women is always so pretty that you'll begin to wonder where all the ”not so pretty” women have gone?

You won't be able to watch a movie with him either, because it will turn into a full-on mouth-watering perverted affair for him. He will comment on every female actress in the movie, and soon you'll wonder why you didn't choose to watch Die Hard (and I hate that movie)!

The worst part about it all is that the moment you compliment a male in the most non-offensive way, he will die inside and will freeze you out or want to end it with you immediately!

Sometimes, it's actually quite creative, the way he slips pretty women into a conversation. For instance, "I got stopped for speeding today. It was so horrible. This really pretty female officer issued me a ticket.”  or "I was called into a meeting with my manager at work today (she's really pretty, you know), and she said that pretty girl at work I told you about has put a sexual harassment grievance in against me. Can you believe her?" or ..."My friend’s getting married to this really pretty girl. She hates his guts and tried to poison his Mum, but he's so lucky. She's so pretty."

When you do finally give in and say something as simple as, "Well, you think everyone is pretty", he will grab hold of it like a fish to bait. "You're so jealous! Every girl I meet is so jealous! Why are all you women the same.. so jealous? So jealous!" will be his answer.

Well, clearly, we are all the same, because we're all so pretty!