So, you've finally got to the stage where you are both ready to meet in person. One of the hardest parts of this is deciding what to wear and how to pull off the right look. Do you want to wear something a little covered-up? Something a little fun? Something casual? Or something dressy?

My advice to you would be to wear what makes you comfortable and be conscious of how you may come across in what you choose to wear. If you're anything like me, you might think certain items of clothing seem like a good idea at the time, but once you walk past your reflection you realise you actually look like a drag queen. The way a woman dresses creates a big first impression on a man. Men are very visual, so be conscious of this.

The main thing to consider is, would you wear this outfit normally? Are you a dressy type of girl, or is your dress sense more on the casual / smart casual side? Obviously, you need to make an effort, but if you decide to come across as modest when that's not actually who you really are, then you don't want to give him any shocks further down the line.

So, what about hair and makeup?

There are lots of good tutorials out there that may be helpful for makeup tips, which I will soon share with you. I personally tend not to cake it on for the first meet-up (I'll save that for the wedding, thanks). I prep my hair and face beforehand by using Lush products. I use a product called “Roots” in my hair which cleanses it, gives me volume and bounce, and smells absolutely amazing!

I love Lush products, as they are ethically sourced and against animal testing. They also campaign for many good causes, so you know your beauty regime is also doing good in the world.

To prep your face, try using a Lush face mask at least 20 minutes before you go out. If you have really oily skin, the best Lush face mask is "Cupcake", but if you want a bit of a glow and to balance the skin, then I would highly recommend either "Brazened Honey" or "Love Lettuce". However, if you have dry skin, then "Oatfix" or "The Sacred Truth" would be perfect for you. For problem skin, you could try "Catastrophic Cosmetic" or "Cosmetic Warrior".  Finally, if you have concerns about wrinkles and aging, then try "Ayesha".

A good BB cream will add a healthy glow. The Body Shop has a lovely range of BB creams that are all gentle on your skin. Teaming it up with a bit of natural-coloured blush adds a healthy, radiant look to your face. I don't usually wear eye shadow or lipstick when I'm going for a first meet-up, but if you do, then a nice, neutral-coloured eye shadow will go well, along with some eyeliner and mascara to finish the look.

I will soon post some more "get ready tips", along with a few good YouTube tutorials, which may help you prepare for your meet-up.

Good luck and stay safe!