I think every woman should have a plan B. 

If your plan A is to find love, settle down, and have children, then what will you do if – God forbid – this plan doesn't work out? 

As for me, the older I get, the less hopeful I become of finding love (oh yes, very depressing of me to say so), but my priorities are changing, too. Becoming more healthy, self sufficient and financially secure are now the most vital things in my life. I'm also feeling more and more maternal, and I want to give love in another way – not to a man, but to a child. As you get older sometimes our physical wants turn more into maternal wants.

So what is my plan B?

My plan B is to adopt. I’ve has always had it in my mind that whether I got married or not, I would like to adopt a child one day. The idea of giving a child a new start in life and plenty or love and security makes my heart explode just thinking about it. So I guess, it wasn’t a plan B but the plan all along that has just been adjusted slightly.

I know it’s not that simple to adopt (especially as a single parent), and it’s no joke. This is a child’s life, and you need to be able to look after and provide for the child in every way. You need to be in it for life, even more so than a marriage (sorry to say that). You can walk away from a marriage, but I would never walk away from a child no matter what. I would be their mother for life, no questions about it. 

I have done my research on the requirements of adotion, I have been working hard to get myself into a stable situation where I can truly look after a child and have even based my whole career with this in mind, including become self-employed so that I can work around my child and give them time. There is still a lot more to put in place, but the plan is still there.

In my culture, it’s strange for a single woman to do this, and for a woman to not want to pay so much attention to getting married, but to having a child instead. So, why don't I just go and get pregnant? Because there are plenty of children who need loving homes already in the world, that’s why, and that’s how I see it. 

I still have a long way to go, and I guess, in a way, it's not my plan B, since it’s always been in my plans. I have a deep need, not so much to get married, but to have a child. I know I would be an amazing mother, and I would do everything in my power to create the most perfect life for my child the best way I could. I would love my child to the ends of the Earth, and there is nothing I want more than this.

I have a group of friends who say that if they aren’t married by X age, then they will move in together and look after one another, which I think is so cute! I hear some bizarre plan Bs, including living in the rainforest or living on a farm…yes, Ive heard both!

So what is your plan B? ...r drop us an email....let us know

Good luck in whatever you choose to do!