(By Najma)

For generations now the classic Curry has been passed down from mother to daughter. My mother first passed this recipe onto me when I was very young and when life and technology was very different. I have now passed it down to my daughters who live in an opposite world to mine when I first learnt it. They will then pass it down to their children and so on and so on. It is a nice thought to hope that the recipe will somehow live on forever.

Like Chinese whispers, each time the recipe is passed down to another generation, we add a bit of our own touch or methods to it, making the dish unique to the current generation. I remember when my mother would enthusiastically grind the base ingredients together, she would have to use a mortar and Pestle but now we have state of the art electric choppers (as state of the art as they can be). When I passed the recipe down to my daughters, I would remember a flash back of the Mortar and Pestle and think how bizarre they would think I was if I were to use that every day in this period of time. I must say - I did continue using one for a while.

When teaching my children, I have adjusted my methods slightly to make way for our busy and modern lifestyles. My mothers approach to cooking was very different to mine with having to juggle my career and feed my family (though my husband was a great help in this area and a tremendous cook.)

Now that I am retired, I can once again enjoy the sweet feeling of cooking and serving food that's enjoyed and loved by my family. I have adjusted the recipe slightly, to fit into to modern world and our busy lifestyles and created a few short cuts along the way. Such as, sometimes — buying pre friend onions instead of chopping fresh ones all the time (as I know one of my daughters finds chopping and frying frustrating).

The recipe I am sharing with you serves as a base to cook almost any curry - just add whatever you please to the base. This could be any meat or vegetables.

I hope you enjoy this dish and it brings a touch of happiness to your life as it has to our family.

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