Time for a little rant!

Women have to live up to so many expectations that it's exhausting!

Society tends to put an immense amount of pressure on woman. There is a never-ending criteria that we must meet (which seems to grow year by year). Each year, another criterion is added to the elaborate list of unrealistic achievements. Frankly, I am bored of it, and I never did follow it. I am bored of women being told what we should and should not do, who we should and should not be, what we should and should not say, what we should and should not wear, what we should and should not eat, how we should and should not act or feel, what we should and should not say and how just what we should and should not be .. you get the point right?

Society never seems to be satisfied with us. Our figures aren't slim or curvy or athletic enough (depending which audience you are talking to), we are not smart enough, we are not feminine enough, we are too feminine, we aren't girly or pretty enough ..and on and on. If we work and have children, then we are made to feel guilty about neglecting our children and if we stay at home and don't work to look after the chioldren - suddenly we are just housewives. Constant labes. why must we fit into a box?

Sometimes, it feels like a never-ending battle. I myself feel it all the time. The constant fear of not achieving enough, not doing well enough, needing to do better and get better and be better and on and on and on. The constant reminder that I must always be "my best self" ..Seriously what is that? What is my best self? Yes sometimes I feel great, I feel like I am pimp walking though life and nothing can stop me (disclaimer - I do not agree with pimps..just thought I should put that out there). And sometimes I feel like a soggy wet biscuit that just fell into the bottom of the tea, slowly falling with my soggy self, because the idiot who dipped me in kept me in the hot water too long so no I don't feel "my best self" on those days ..and you know what ...its ok.

We cannot tick all the boxes all at the same time..all the time! We simply cannot! The worst part about it that it isnt just men putting these pressures on women. its women putting then on other women and the likes of social media and the need to feel desired, popular, trendy, "followed" and wanted just adds to it all. It is too much pressure for a women to live in the society that we are living in now. So my only advice would be to turn down the switch it off altogether and do what truly makes you happy. If you need to come off social media for a while and just need to be around people who just love you for you warts and all - then do that. Do whatever you need to do

Unfortunately, this is reality. Not for all, but for many. Women have to hear so many groans from society. Despite all the years of fighting for women's rights, we are still not treed euqally and until we stick together (both men and women) and stop the pressure - we will end up in a pot of overly boiling water.

I'd be interested in hearing your experiences. Please contact CFYT through the contact us page and share your thoughts - is it just me out here feeling like this?

And just remember ...we don't have to tick every box, because the boxes will never end, and not all of them can be ticked so just do you and be content with that because in this day and age that is achievement enough - the rest is background noise.