You've all heard the world-famous song "It's Raining Men", and probably tapped your feet to it unconsciously at some point (as lyrically rubbish as the song is).  I recently heard this on the radio on my drive into work, and I thought about how far from the truth that song actually is.

It's raining men? Is it? It really isn't!

If it was raining men, then we would all take our pick from the puddle and be married by now, or we would not be here at all, as I'm pretty certain they would have squashed us to death by falling from the clouds at that speed and weight. A fully-grown man falling on you from above? Ouch! The only rain I see here is the iconic British rain (which I also have a love-hate relationship with).

So, why isn't it raining men? Why are women finding it hard to find the perfect partner?

Is there a lack of available men to the ratio of available women? Is it that times have changed so much that men are less interested in settling down (and in some cases, are not interested in women at all... just saying)? Is there a secret puddle somewhere that we don't know about? Where are all the available men?

I then wondered if women are just sick of looking for the rain and refuse to do the rain dance anymore. Have women just started concentrating on other things? Are women actually just happier alone now?  Are we in a man-drought? Is the ratio of women to men just too high? What are your thoughts?

Whatever it is - there are no men falling at my feet like raindrops, so if you find the puddle, let me know!