The inappropriate flirt is either very good-looking, knows it, and thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread, not good-looking but still thinks he's amazing, or is hideous and just lucky to be alive and next to a real woman.

He starts off as a normal guy, and although the conversations are brief, they are interesting enough for you to want to meet him and give him a chance. That's of course, until you actually meet him, where he unleashes the freak!

Out of the good-looking and not-so-good-looking flirts, I ended up on a date with Shrek.

He spendt his time trying to flirt with me, rather than talk to me like a normal human being. He chucked in as many inappropriate comments as he possibly could and felt really smug for thinking them up so quickly (when I wasn’t looking, he probably even gave himself a pat on the back). I’m not one to judge on looks, but boy, oh boy, he did NOT look anything like the man in his picture. I later realised that he had photoshopped the entire picture, including his teeth. He spent hours telling me how decent he is, and how women always trick him and use him (for what? I'm not sure).

He then went on to tell me that when he meets women in person, they aren't like the girl in the picture but are always ugly and fat (I found this very disrespectful towards women and hypocritical, especially as he’d lied about his own looks… catfisher!). He went on to talk about how all women want is money, and how they all use him for his money, because he’s so rich (apparently, we are all gold-diggers, too).

I still thought I’d give him a chance, as I didn’t want to be too judgmental, so I put it down to him waffling due to nerves. Throughout the meeting, he was very fussy and was continuously finding fault with everything, from the location of the restaurant we were in to where we were sitting and even with the people sitting around us.

He then continued to speak in a degrading way about women. It was driving me crazy, as I was hoping he would win me over with his personality to compensate for his looks. Throughout our meeting he kept on asking me if I wanted a drink (as in alcohol). I told him I don’t drink early on, and he said he didn’t either, so I couldn't understand why he would even ask me. When he realised that I looked irritated, he quickly said he was joking and wouldn’t say it again, but he just kept on asking over and over again, until my answer became abrupt and firm, “I told you I don’t drink, and won’t drink.”

He could not hold a serious conversation at all. Everything I would say, he would try to turn into something inappropriate or flirty. So, I began to make my excuses to leave, and as I got up to put my coat on, he asked me if I fancy going for a drink again, and I said, “Wow. On that note, I’m leaving.” I started walking away from the table, and he followed me, saying, “I’m sorry, I was joking, though there’s nothing wrong with drinking, you know.”

I continued to walk away, and he continued to follow me, saying he really didn’t mean that, and asking, “Why don’t we go and watch a movie or something instead?” I didn’t look back.

On that note, I walked off and left Shrek to it! Thank goodness we were in a public place.