HAND SANITISERS (That don't smell like a Hospital).

I was always that friend that carried around a stock load of antibacterial hand sanitisers and wipes in my bag, pulling them out during our days out and at restaurants (often whilst being told I had germ issues). Hand sanitisers have always been part of my weekly shop so you can imagine my surprise when I went online only to find that I could not buy any because they were all "out of stock"! Luckily we are all now over the hand sanitiser (and toilet roll) panic buying moment and hand sanitisers are back in stock across the globe (yay).

My only problem with a lot of hand sanitisers on the market is that I often find myself feeling quite queasy from the strong smell of some of the more "chemical" scented hand sanitisers. As a result of this, I have tried and tested various brands and scents and have found a few that leave my hands feeling both clean and smelling wonderful.

So if like me, you love a good hand sanitiser but don't like the lingering scent of a hospital on your hands, have a read through some of my recommendations below for a lovely sensory experience filled with relaxing and delicate scents that of course still do the all important job of killing germs. With the children going back to school and people across the globe back to work, its worth finding the scents that works for you and making sure you don't forget to add it to your weekly shop.

Here are some of my favourites!


Bodygaurd - Fragranced Hand Sanitser

Scented with a light Eau de Cologne fragrance and enriched with glycerin and in four different scents:

  • Moringa Blossom - Moringa flower subtly enhanced with Violet and a touch of Cedar

  • Marine - Fresh Mediterranean Bergamot, with a hint of woody Cedar and Musc

  • Coconut - Coconut, Vanilla Jasmine and Amber

  • Citrus - Orange Bergamot and Lemon, this classic citrus fragrance is awakened with notes of Lavender and Epice.


The Rituals of Samurai - Hands Free hand-gel

A beautiful and energising fragrance of bamboo and sandalwood will invigorate you throughout the entire day.


Rinse-Free Hand Wash - Rose

'Rose' is scented with Pink Pepper and Raspberry notes mix with Magnolia, Rose, Patchouli and Musk. Pink pepper opens optimistically in combination with a radiant chord of raspberry. Finally, a base of patchouli and white musk gives the rose an eternal and sophisticated aura.


Hand Sanitisers - Available in a few unique scents:

  • Cassis & Rose - Spearmint and Clove leaf .

  • Twilight Garden (Jasmine and Mandarine)

  • Mini Cherry Spring (White Clover and Match Tea)


A Lavender Organic Hand Sanitiser in a beautiful organic lavender oil scent.


Jasmine & Apple Blossom Luxury Hand Gel

A fresh jasmine and apple blossom fragrance good enough to eat. ..but don't eat it of course.


Natural Defence Hand Rub Flip Top by Neils Yard with a blend of niaouli, lemongrass and witch hazel.


The Hand Sanitiser - with Extracts of lightly scented White Water Lilly


Stress Check Clean Hands Gel with calming Lavender, Neroli and Camomile essential oils.


Tea Tree & Eucalyptus No Rinse Hand Gel - With a gorgeous Tea Tree & Eucalyptus scent.