Sometimes, it feels like you’re the only person in the whole world who’s not married!

Your siblings may be married, your friends are either already married, getting married, or are slowly starting to jump out of the single train and into the land of marital bliss, and to top it off, even your colleagues at work all seem to be married! Everywhere you go, you see married people, and you always seem to be the only single one in town. Even girls who are younger than you are married, and when you meet a man, he’s married, too!

By now, you’re probably becoming sick of all the pitiful looks and the “Oh no, are you single?” comments, or the “Don’t worry, I’ll set you up with someone” suggestions. Your probably even more annoyed by all the interfering Aunties asking you and your family whether you’re married or not, and why you’re not married, and how all girls must get married. You’re now starting to feel like you’re some sort of charity case desperately waiting to be set up… No!

What you are is a woman on an exciting journey to find “the one”. Yes, at times it’s hard, but your intentions are pure, and you know that you will be an amazing partner once you find him. Being on the lookout for “the one” isn’t something for people to pity you about. It’s an exciting, hopeful, happy, fun, and adventurous time. Yes, it’s sometimes sad, frustrating, annoying, and draining. It’s many things, but not “pitiful”. It’s a journey!

Don’t let all the negativity and comments get you down, because the truth is that you sometimes secretly like being single! It’s a lot less complicated, and you kind of appreciate all the freedom that comes with it.

So, here’s a reminder of why it’s nice to be single until you find “the one”:

· It’s exciting knowing you could meet “the one” at anytime

· You can imagine up whatever potential you want

· You feel like you still have all your dreams uncompromised

· All your income is yours… Just yours!

· You can buy endless shoes, bags, clothes, accessories, or whatever you’re into without being questioned or judged about it (or feeling guilty)!

· You can walk around the house with a face mask on, in your old, unsexy PJs without being judged or feeling self-conscious

· You can grow your eyebrows properly without having to do any upkeep

· You don’t have to live with a messy boy. Yuck!

· You sleep well. Bedtime is great without all the tossing and turning, sweating, dribbling, and snoring going on next to you!

· You have “me time” all the time, to spend however you want!

· You can watch what you want on TV all the time! No having to share the remote or change the channel because he’s bored!

· You don’t feel bad for having a second look at a handsome guy walking past. Why? Because you’re single and you can!

· You have all the time for friends and family to meet whenever you want

· You can go on endless holidays with your friends and family

· You get to sleep in without being woken up, judged, or called lazy

· You have no interfering in-laws to deal with. Score!

· You don’t have to make dinner for two. You can eat whatever you want without worrying about what he wants and having to consider all his annoying food demands and allergies.

· You can spend hours catching up with friends and family on the phone without being shot a dirty look or shushed because he’s watching “Top Gear”… again!

· You don’t have to sit through Match of the Day highlights

· You don’t have to watch Die Hard… ever!

· No one steals your favourite creams

· Life is peaceful and complication-free!

So, keep your head up, girls, and smile, knowing that you’re not marrying that interfering Auntie’s son!