(By Aaliya)

You may not know this but the classic British, Bread and Butter pudding was also a rich, royal Mughal dish from many years ago. It was typically made from fried sugar syrup, bread, thickened milk and dry fruit. The dish was know as Shahi Tukray.

The word Shahi actually means "Royal" and the word Tukray means "a piece" - so I guess you could say the dish means "a piece of Royalty" or more literally a "royal piece".

The dish is now a popular Hyderabadi dessert cherished by many sweet toothed dessert lovers and is usually finished off with a sprinkle of dried fruits such as almonds, sultanas, raisins, dried apricot pieces... well..almost any dried fruit really. However, you can also make it without the fruit and it is still just as tasty.