I went for a walk today and it started raining. As I walked through the rain, a thought crossed my mind. I thought about how the rain so beautifully washes the whole earth. How it washes the sky, the clouds, the tress, the leaves, each individual petal on every flower, the soil and everything around it. I thought about how after the rain stops, the earth somehow feels as if it has been completely cleansed. At that moment, I could not help but wish for the rain to wash me in this way, from head to toe, drenched unapologetically, cleansed and prepared to start afresh.

I thought about the earth and about the grass that grows through it, how it is cut over and over and over again, yet it always grows back, just as green and as untouched in its original form, as if it had never been cut. I thought about how small but how resilient it is, standing through the seasons and never giving up, pushing through the soil and filling the land with its life. I wished I had that kind of resilience. If only I could grow back like the grass, pushing through and standing strong after life had cut me down to the brink of my existence? Flourishing, as if I were never touched by any sorrow?

I thought about the clouds in the sky and how they hover and float with no care in the world, gently balancing on their own existence... just there, so delicately, above the entire world. How they silently move together in such harmony, almost as if they are guiding each other through the world. Out of nowhere but going somewhere... unified. If only we could all guide each other and float together in such perfect unison.

I thought about the soil and how it is the base for all nourishment. How it helps nature grow and flourish so unselfishly. Taking all the burden of the world onto itself, proving all that depends on it with the ability to thrive. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all nourish and help each other in this way. Hoping for the best.

I thought about how everything intertwines into each other forming a perfectly tuned orchestra. From the gentle sounds of the things we cannot see to the faint echoes of the bird songs in the lazy morning sky. How balanced and seamless it all strings together, yet how unbalance and complicated our world can sometimes feel. Why can we not sing in such harmony.

Recent events have allowed me to experience more moments of reflection in every day and I find myself questioning where I fit in? What is my purpose in this world? Where am I going? Where do I want to be? Who do I want to be?

Just as nature around me has an unquestionable cycle of purpose each creation impacting the other, creating a meaningful lifecycle, I cant help but think what is my purpose in this lifecycle really is? Not only as a human being but just as me? As I am? Who I am. I wonder, how can I be more in tune with the world so effortlessly just like nature is?

For many of us - recent life has been a time for breaking down and a time for building up. A time for changing and a time for learning. A time for weakness and a time for strength. A time for strength and a time for resilience. A time for holding on and a time for letting go.

Feeling vulnerable and reflecting is a natural part of the process of change. We find ourselves in a unique situation challenging the strongest of us. One day you may crumble into nothingness and the next, you may feel like an old tree. Standing tall, still here, still living, filled with more wisdom each day, bringing hope even after all life has thrown its way.

It is ok to feel a mixture of emotions right now. It's ok not to always feel ok. Life right now, in this precise moment is not something we have had to live through... but yet here we are … living and ever grateful. We too can wash each day away just like the rain washes the earth, we too can live a life in a way that nourishes our soul. We too can work towards feeling light and careless just like the clouds above us…floating into a happy existence.

So just like the finely tuned nature around us, with each living creation holding its own purpose in the world. I guess we too have a purpose in this world... To be like nature.

Encouraging one another - just like the soil encourages life to grow.

Sheltering each other - just like the trees provide shelter to so many.

Showing unselfish kindness - just like the rain when it pours and provides water to those who need it to flourish.

Be relieved - Just like the flowers are after the rain.

Be resilient - Just like the grass when it pushes through every cycle of life.

Work in unison - just like the clouds who sometimes gather and often separate only to unite again and become part of the same sky.

Be kind to yourself and others. Take time to reflect and feel. Learn from like nature.