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In a world so big, it feels small, it never ceases to amaze me how much we all have in common. The things we love, the things we dislike, our curiosity our thoughts and feelings.


We all eat, we all play and we all love. So why don’t we take a moment to focus on the things we have in common and learn from one another about the things we don't. 

Let's learn from one another and see the world through the eyes of the beautiful mix of people this world has to offer. Life experiences, interests, love, stories, experiences, art, music, literature and just life and so much more.


CherryForYourThoughts is a place where you can share your content with the world and get lost browsing through life from someone else’s perspective. As well as reading our home-made content, anyone can contribute to the site and use it as a platform to reach out to the world all in one place.


So, take a break, sit back and enjoy the site.

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